• Client Mount Sinai Medical Center
    Location New York, NY
  • Client Mount Sinai Medical Center
    Location New York, NY

Patient Rooms

The Zweig Family Center for Living Donation


Living organ donors represent an exceptional group of compassionate individuals who receive special care at the Zweig Family Center for Living Donation, part of the internationally-renowned Recanti/Miller Transplant Institute at New York’s Mount Sinai Medical Center.  Needing to expand, Mount Sinai approached Array to design a pioneering new suite to support the medical, surgical and psychological needs of these special patients.


We worked closely with the Recanati/Miller Transplant Institute directors to create a patient environment as one-of-kind as the Center itself. The renovation began with visioning sessions to define the aesthetic values central to the Institute. It was paramount to all those involved that the Center feature distinctive finishes, textures and architectural elements. The combination of these materials would be a reflection of the donor patients’ extraordinary gift.


Each room features an exclusive color palette, using jewel and rich wood tones to create a calming patient environment.  The design integrates high-end hospitality and evidence-based design elements to dramatically transform the compact space through the introduction of textured wall coverings, sleek decorative glass, hardwood trim, and custom finishes which are complemented by such amenities as patient-controlled lighting, state-of-the-art entertainment system and an in-room refrigerator. The final product is an environment that flawlessly balances sensible patient requirements with innovative and thoughtful design.


BR+A Engineers
Vanguard Construction

Photo Credit:  Jeffrey Totaro