• Client Holy Redeemer Health System
    Location Huntington Valley, PA
  • Client Holy Redeemer Health System
    Location Huntington Valley, PA

On the Boards

Senior Care Behavioral Health


With a diverse group of older residents requiring inpatient behavioral health services, the client prioritized converting and expanding a small med/surg unit to accommodate a higher census as well as correcting unit deficiencies such as sight lines, patient/staff safety and adequate space for therapeutic sessions and activities. To facilitate healing, it was desirable to split the unit so patients functioning at both higher and lower cognitive levels receive appropriately-developed therapies.


By creating two wings, the distinct patient clinical needs can be met while allowing a core space for shared services. Current and Future State Mapping sessions allowed staff to articulate the features and current workflows which detract from the patient experience.


The design incorporates many experiential design concepts for both patients and staff to create an engaging and healing space. Enhanced staff visibility, a designated physical therapy area and sensory opportunities throughout the Unit top the list of priorities achieved.


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