• Client Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
    Location Columbus, OH


Molecular Pathology Lab


The facility is located remotely from the main campus in a 1980s building with several OSU tenants. It did not meet current staffing, future staffing (potentially tripling in size) and throughput needs. In addition, the circulation corridors divided the Department, deliveries and staff were intermingling and there were several infrastructure issues to address. OSU’s Wexner Medical Center wanted to consolidate and integrate all of these areas into a more efficient Molecular Pathology department.


Despite budget and code restrictions, Array was able to combine many lab spaces by eliminating corridors, which mitigated flow issues. The team then reorganized these spaces in a more efficient layout, with new modular laboratory casework and table systems which provided future flexibility. This increased efficiency and maximized the throughput of the Department.


The Ohio State University’s newly-configured Molecular Pathology / Department space now allows for better collaboration, quicker turnaround of samples and increased throughput.


Advanced Engineering Consultants