• Client Mount Sinai Health System
    Location New York, NY


Infusion Suite


The communities surrounding Mount Sinai Morningside do not have many options for oncology care. To help with the problem, Mount Sinai Morningside is expanding to include Oncology and Infusion services on their campus. Phase 1 of the project is to renovate an existing portion of a floor for seven infusion chairs and two oncology exam rooms. The final vision of the project is for the Oncology and Infusion services to occupy the whole floor of a building. While keeping this in mind, the design team was tasked with developing Phase 1 to  seamlessly integrate into the whole design during the final phase with minimal reconstruction.


The team worked with the Hospital to use the space as efficiently as possible. The design includes six open bay infusion chairs and one private infusion room. A central team center has visual access to all infusion chairs for monitoring. Minimal construction will be required to incorporate Phase 1 into the whole floor at the final phase of the project.


By incorporating an oncology and infusion suite into Mount Sinai Morningside, it gives residents of the New York City Upper West Side and Harlem communities a convenient location to receive these services.


Syska Hennessy Group