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Healing Garden Design


To create a sanctuary that offers patients, loved ones and visitors a quiet, outdoor space away from hospital rooms and treatment areas.  Array understands that designing a therapeutic garden is a cooperative effort, one that involves the entire design team and key project stakeholders, frequently a donor or Family Advisory Group.


We begin by conducting an assessment of needs by consulting with the primary users, as well as their caregivers, physical or occupational therapists, counselors, etc.  We also look for locations that will offer positive distractions to patients.    Once a garden is installed and in use, we often conduct a post-occupancy evaluation to understand the impact of the garden for future designs.


Evidence-based design studies clearly illustrate the benefits of incorporating healing and wellness gardens into hospital design.  For thousands of years, people have walked labyrinths to find calm and peace, and it has been proven that walking a labyrinth at any age can lower a person’s heart rate and blood pressure.  The goal of all our healing gardens is to provide a place for respite and relaxation, where you can spend time alone to think, rest and regain emotional and physical energy.

Photo Credit:
Blake Marvin/HKS, Inc.
Warren Jagger
J. Miles Wolf

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