White Paper Reveals How Biden’s $400B Home Care Plan Will Impact Health Systems

Washington, DC — Array Advisors released a white paper today revealing how President Biden’s $400 Billion Home Care Plan will impact health systems. Part of the American Jobs Plan, the allotment for home care raises questions about how eligibility will change, what impact It will have on acute-care hospitals and what it foretells about healthcare spending ahead of Biden’s State of the Union Address on Wednesday, April 28th.

“The Biden administration’s $400 billion allotment for home care came with more questions than answers,” says Neil Carpenter, VP of Strategic Planning at Array Advisors. “Our analysis responds to those lingering questions with a layered analysis and reveals how home care – which was deeply popular well before COVID – may change as this plan is set in motion.”

The white paper details:

  • How the plan helps some of the most vulnerable – and who it’s really for (this may surprise you).
  • How the plan combats pay inequality.
  • What path the plan provides to value-based care.
  • Why overcoming barriers to the rise of home care is within reach.
  • Which healthcare entities may win or lose as a result of these changes and future legislation around home care.

Read the Analysis to Learn How You Will be Impacted

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