Array Architects Announces Promotions of 17 Team Members

Array Architects, a leading innovator in healthcare design, proudly announces the promotion of 17 individuals at the following levels:

Principal: Julia Savastinuk and Monica D’Ambrosia
Associate Principal: Melissa Van Slett, Morgan Young, Mark Wizeman, Craig Meaney and Elizabeth Schmitt
Senior Associate: Laura Ireson, Sally Castrianni, Sydney Owens, and Katy Karas
Associate: Rachel O’Brien, Megan Swider, Dorothy Bakkenson, Tiana Howell, Courtney Shatzer, and Chuanqi Gao

“Our team members are the heartbeat of Array, and their contributions are instrumental in driving our success,” said Array Architects President Noah Tolson. “Through these promotions, we celebrate not only the individual achievements of our talented team but also our collective commitment to excellence and innovation.”

At Array Architects, each promotion represents more than just a change in title; it symbolizes a profound commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a culture of growth and excellence. The company’s corporate titling structure is meticulously designed to provide a clear and progressive path for staff development, ensuring that every team member is empowered to reach their fullest potential.

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About Array Architects

Recognized as a leader in healthcare facility design, consulting and technology, Array offers knowledge-based, data-informed services, including planning, architecture, interior design, transformation and asset advisory services. Using Lean as a foundation for a unique process-led approach, Array’s deliverables use data and technology to leverage real-time patient and real estate market trends required by today’s healthcare organizations. The company’s devotion to a healthcare-exclusive practice springs from the belief in the power of design and technology to improve patient outcomes, maximize operational efficiencies, and increase staff satisfaction.


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