Visualize the Possibilities, Plan for Reality

While most healthcare technologies come in the form of medical device innovations and address direct patient care, Array is focused on improving business outcomes for healthcare organizations.

Array is a successful 35-year-old healthcare design, consulting and analytics firm that has developed a software-as-a-service platform to solve a significant problem in the healthcare market. The platform has been developed under a separate entity allowing for a venture capital partnership to help the team scale the opportunity that has a market valuation potential in the hundreds of millions. The Array Analytics team has significant domain experience in the healthcare and technology space and with successful VC backed startups.

The platform, Pivotal, is a healthcare business planning and optimization solution. Designed to bridge strategy and execution, the SaaS drives improved outcomes through rapid, more informed and integrated strategic plans. The ability to continually calibrate strategic and tactical plans

will allow health systems to identify risks and improve both capital project speed-to-market and return on invested capital. The team developed this solution as an intuitive and highly integrated platform which aggregates data from public, proprietary and enterprise sources, while providing geospatial contextualization and delivering cost and revenue insights not currently available in the market.

Pivotal’s value proposition has been vetted by over 20 national health systems. The team has targeted a value to customers of 10x the annual subscription price – in the range of $250k after year three of development. With the first year of development wrapping up, the “Lighthouse” version will be released on June 15, 2018.

Having provided professional services to the healthcare market for 35 years, the management team understands the significance to the market of delivering Pivotal’s insights and workflow improvements.