Laura Silvoy at Array Advisors Earns Lean Bronze Certification

Laura Silvoy, Healthcare Systems Engineer at Array Advisors, earned her Lean Bronze Certification in an effort to expand and validate her knowledge in hopes of improving productivity and quality at Array. The Lean Bronze Certification, supported by Lean Certification Alliance members ASQ, AME, Shingo Institute and SME, focuses on how to apply lean principles, concepts and methods within a work environment. Laura believes that the application of lean principles ultimately drives the culture of continuous improvement at Array.

Array clients appreciate that several staff members have earned Lean Green Belts or Black Belts. Many healthcare organizations believe that appellations demonstrate a higher understanding of a subject, and typically seek individuals with certifications. The Lean Certification program stands out among the other lean belt curriculums because it is backed by four industry-leading organizations of the Lean Certification Alliance.

After passing the portfolio portion of the process, Laura officially became Lean Bronze Certified (LBC) and qualified to judge other Bronze portfolios. There is currently a high demand for judges due to an increased submission rate, leading Laura to believe the Lean Certification is becoming the standard for lean training in the industry.

While preparing for the certification exam, Laura used a practice test to focus her studying and hone her skills to specific areas of lean. Some lean certifications only involve passing a test at the end of a class, the Lean Bronze Certification process also calls for three tactical projects which demonstrate the ability to use lean tools in practice and 80 hours of continuing education. With roughly 20 projects to choose from, Laura selected three projects she believed best represented her lean skills. She was a team member on one, co-facilitator of another and sole facilitator of the third. After three years, the individual may choose to recertify with 60 additional hours of continuing education or pursue another certification rank.

Ultimately, Laura aims to earn her Lean Gold Certification, which will recognize her education and training in all aspects of the lean process. First, she hopes to become Lean Silver Certified (LSC). Laura plans to start reading the Silver Certification book soon and intends to be LSC by December 2019.