Array Architects Announces 10 Promotions, Including 5 New Principals

Array is committed to the professional development and growth of our team members, and our Board of Directors is proud to recognize the staff members who have been promoted at the following levels for their contributions.

Principal: Cheryl Woo, David Artman, Brian Boyce, Ed Goytia and Nancy Erb
Associate Principal: Charles Halsey and Jen Tinsley
Senior Associate: Jillian Barbaro, Elizabeth Ochal, and Morgan Young

“Even as the very nature of how we work changes, our team has continued an exceptional commitment to providing remarkable, strategy-driven and business-justified solutions to healthcare clients,” says Noah Tolson, Array Architects President. “These emerging leaders have thrived over the past year, leading with a commitment to the principles reflected in their new corporate titles.”

The Board meets annually to determine which members of the firm have reached the next level of client stewardship. The company’s corporate titling structure is designed to establish a clear path for staff development and advancement across Array’s integrated services.

Each Array staff member contributes unique knowledge and perspective, and every employee is empowered to make extraordinary contributions to the firm. Staff, peers, and principals recognize associate principals, senior associates and associates as the foundation of leadership from which Array will sustain and grow.

About Array

Recognized as a leader in healthcare facility design, consulting and technology, Array offers knowledge-based, data-informed services, including planning, architecture, interior design, transformation and asset advisory services. Using Lean as a foundation for a unique process-led approach, Array’s deliverables use data and technology to leverage real-time patient and real estate market trends required by today’s healthcare organizations. The company’s devotion to a healthcare-exclusive practice springs from the belief in the power of design and technology to improve patient outcomes, maximize operational efficiencies, and increase staff satisfaction.


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