Array Analytics Releases Flagship Product Pivotal, a Custom-Built SaaS Platform for Healthcare Market

For immediate release —Washington, DC – Array Analytics, the technology subsidiary of Array Architects, is introducing their flagship product Pivotal. Pivotal is a dynamic market analysis and optimization platform built specifically for healthcare strategists who work in markets across the US, including real estate developers. The arrival of the commercial product coincides with company’s participation in the BOMA MOB conference, which will take place May 1st-3rd in Minneapolis, MN.

Pivotal empowers healthcare strategists to make smart, profitable and data-driven business decisions in a fraction of the time it currently takes. The first product to feature both dynamic, best-in-class market demand data and an integrated, end-to-end strategic planning workflow, Pivotal helps organizations reduce risk in both operational and capital investment decisions, define market demand, understand consumer behavior and optimize location strategy. The platform features a geolocation framework for users to visualize existing real estate assets, analyze competitors, and drop pins to evaluate multiple service areas. The collaborative and scenario testing features of this enterprise solution will allow healthcare strategists to make more informed strategic decisions.

The product moved beyond beta testing in March 2019, when the team began onboarding clients representing both major healthcare real estate development firms as well as mid-Atlantic health systems. Early adopters of the software are benefiting from the ability to rapidly assess competitors and identify market patient demand using Optum Analytics’ best in class claims data. As Pivotal disrupts the status quo in healthcare planning by enabling clients to dynamically evaluate the marketplace, early subscribers will enjoy a competitive advantage over organizations that continue to rely on static data services and products that do not provide actionable insights.

About Pivotal

Pivotal is a dynamic strategic optimization and master planning cloud platform for healthcare real estate decisions and business planning. The platform was developed for the constantly-changing world of healthcare business decisions. It’s a living, purpose-built tool to help visualize the success you plan for today, the challenges you should avoid tomorrow, and the opportunities you never saw coming. Most impressively, it’s simple, dynamic, and plan revisions are as easy as the drop of a pin.


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Craig Meaney
Communications Manager