Array’s healthcare industry experts understand and embrace the movement to share information for mass consumption. Easily digestible blogs, in-depth videos, quick-hitting podcasts and the like are some of the ways we share our knowledge with more than just the clients with whom we are actively working.

The fifth North America Revit Technology Conference will occur on July 23 – 25 in Washington D.C. Conference attendees will have the opportunity to network, learn from experts and knowledge-share with an international community of their peers. On Thursday, July 23, I have the pleasure of discussing how design technology can foster design and BIM […]

Featured in BloovanConnect and Medical Construction + Design in September 2015. In April 2015, our group of healthcare facility leaders reconvened having previously met in December 2014 and February 2015.Participants from Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC, gathered to discuss two hot topics: alternative delivery methods and technology. At the top of the discussion list, the panel […]

When the group reconvened in February 2015, we took the discussion a step further, getting into the nitty gritty details of site selection. Delving into this topic with perspectives from a versatile group offered valuable insight in an hour and a half’s time, which can have long-lasting benefits (as evidenced by the participants strategizing to […]

In leading a design firm’s business development initiatives, I closely follow healthcare delivery trends and how clients look to better serve their patients and communities, and how facilities can support these goals. Attending conferences and symposiums provides the opportunity to learn what trends came about from changes in the healthcare delivery landscape, and how a […]

Each year, three hot topics affecting the feasibility, design and operation of Healthcare projects are brought to a broad group representing advisors, architects, administrators and operators.  As the enormous replacement Hospital building spree dwindled in the late-2000s, Deloitte Financial Advisory Services began to ask “what changes are coming to healthcare in the US?” The concept […]

Featured in ENR’s Marketropolis blog, February 2015. In December 2014, I had the opportunity to present at the PSMJ Industry Summit in Orlando. My presentation, “Building a Knowledge-Based Practice in the Digital Age”, explained how Array was able to rebrand itself as a leading firm in the healthcare design market by focusing on knowledge sharing as […]

Across the US, the demand for inpatient behavioral health services continues to surge, particularly within the child and adolescent demographic. According to a CDC/NCHS study, 6% of youth ages 12 to 19 are being treated with psychotropic medication for a psychiatric disorder or condition. Coupled with research that indicates one in five Americans live with […]