I have been leading process change in organizations for more than 30 years. During that time, I have found that all too often, the focus of new initiatives is on the development or acquisition of new tools, adoption of new processes, deployment strategies, funding and evaluation of final rollouts. This reminds me of the often […]

Doors, their hardware, and access control are critical components of all healthcare projects. New construction or renovation, the complexity of healthcare can been seen in the doors. As a result, project teams struggle to execute successfully. 

We begin all endeavors with a consideration of process before design solutions are explored. Lean is a structured approach we find very useful when focusing on operational process improvement. By bringing all constituents together and giving them the tools to experiment and test new ideas current state barriers can be identified and transcended.

Authored by Jonathan Bykowski and Laura Silvoy. In March, ten leaders representing a cross section of the firm dedicated three days to uncovering the reality about how a project moves from client request to a finished building, developing an improved solution and deciding how to advance the firm from our current operations to the ideal future. […]

In an effort to improve communication and efficiency amongst our designers, and to ensure that our team is happy with the work they are doing, a daily “huddle” has been implemented.

Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement

I recently had an opportunity, for the second time, to attend the Society for Health Systems Process Improvement Conference. I was again inspired and awed by the significant impact that industrial engineers are having on improving the quality of healthcare across our country and globally.

When I joined Array in 2013, our accounting team handled new hire paperwork and general orientation during each employee’s first day. Within my first three months, hiring began to pick up as the firm emerged from the recession. We quickly realized that we needed to enhance our onboarding process. I began to develop ways to […]

Successful healthcare design delivery teams work in highly collaborative environments.  The ability to adapt quickly plays an important role in the success of the team from a client’s perspective.