• Client NewYork-Presbyterian
    Location New York, NY
  • Client NewYork-Presbyterian
    Location New York, NY

Intensive Care

Surgical Intensive Care


As patient acuity changes over time and specialties within the institution move to be collocated,  patient rooms need to renovated to become more universally capable of supporting care for multiple patient populations.


In order to provide additional surgical ICU patient rooms in a former burn unit, extensive work was done to include new collaborative nursing zones, upgrade interior finishes and lighting as well as telemetry monitoring. Existing layout dictated reuse of  in-room toilets as a Pullman type “swingettes” containing hand washing sink, toilet and bed pan washing.


The converted space, with restorative views of the East River, has allowed the hospital to care for many more patients needing one-on-one care than before. The addition of a state-of-the-art telemedicine conference room has provided much needed collaboration space.


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