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Strategic Outpatient Relocations


A healthcare system could not meet the demand for certain inpatient services due to space limitations within their flagship hospital.  The health system knew it had to decant some outpatient services and modalities in order to create efficient expansion space within the existing facility, yet it did not have the capability to evaluate space requirements and potential service line impacts.


Array’s team of healthcare design experts ran a strategic planning process in order to optimize the utilization of the existing facility and map the service lines and modalities that were most suited to an outpatient environment.  During this process, Array developed scenario testing and prototyping tools that enabled the senior leadership team to evaluate the potential ROI on each decision.  The team then engaged 3rd party developers in order to provide the health system with a full range of development opportunities.


The senior leadership team at the health system was able to create a clear growth strategy, confident in the knowledge that the plan was actionable, was based on a comprehensive analysis, and that the investments planned for the system would enable them to meet demand projects, improve the quality of care and provide value to the organization, its patients and the community it serves.