• Client Mount Sinai Morningside
    Location New York, NY

Diagnostic and Treatment

Imaging Services


Mount Sinai Morningside offers state of the art CT and MRI services as part of their radiology department. The Hospital had a desire to reflect that same level of care and dedication to the patient by building a central waiting and registration area. They create a centralized registration and waiting area by renovating a portion of the radiology department. The existing conditions created unique space constraints for the design team to tackle.


The team worked with the Hospital to use the existing space as efficiently as possible. The design allows for a streamline flow of patients arriving on the radiology floor, registering and preparing for their procedure. The interior design reflects a very welcoming atmosphere for the patients and their families. The design includes a central registration and waiting area, changing rooms with a gowned waiting area, a radiologist workroom and reading room.


The centralized registration and waiting room creates a very welcoming and comfortable face for the radiology department. The interior design of the space connects to the hospital campus as a whole to bring a unified feel to all of the services the hospital has available for their patients.


Syska Hennessy Group