• Client Inspira Health Network
    Location Mullica Hill, NJ

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Campus Redefinition


A regional not-for-profit healthcare provider that operates multiple ambulatory and acute care facilities has engaged Array to create a new 200-bed state-of-the-art community hospital. A primary goal of the new facility will be capturing much-needed market share by determining the most demographically beneficial site while simultaneously leveraging the system’s aging assets to continue serving their valued patients.


In order to effectively and rapidly achieve the system’s expansion goals, a collaborative, multi-disciplinary, integrated team was assembled. After thoroughly analyzing transformational options ranging from sequential renovations of existing facilities, to major additions, to new facilities – the team quickly defined a roadmap for project success and began tackling the most impactful opportunities for improvement. Among the critical factors identified for rapid study were the need to right-size the building program in order to avoid constructing superfluous square footage as well as expediting the design and construction schedules. An optimized program was achieved by collocating departments such as the ED, Observation Beds and Pre- and Post-Operative Care Units which can flex as demand fluctuates. A common planning grid was employed to ensure flexibility between stacked patient units and other program types while also achieving a compact and patient-centered layout. Concurrent with these program studies, the team analyzed local market conditions to determine the optimal logistical, system and material options that would result in a cost-effective, sustainable and rapidly constructible solution.


By embarking on a highly-collaborative structure from the outset, the integrated team was able to identify methodologies that have resulted in a significant reduction in square footage from the original benchmarked program as well as defining a schedule that will result in an operational facility within 33 months from the start of design.


Leach Wallace
O’Donnell & Naccarato

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