• Client Department of Veterans Affairs
    Location Butler, PA

Ambulatory Care Centers

Ambulatory Care Center


As is common, this 250,000 GSF developer-based outpatient facility came with stringent budget and schedule restrictions as well as lofty sustainability goals.  While achieving the stated sustainability objective of LEED® Silver is well within the project confines, Array’s planning and design efforts sought to exceed these goals by employing innovative strategies that went beyond simple LEED point harvesting.


Our investigations focused on a more holistic integration of sustainability measures coupled with quantifiable evidence-based design initiatives.  This symbiosis allows us to craft an environment that not only functions at the highest levels from a sustainability perspective, but also achieves an integrated, patient-centered atmosphere that promotes good health.


While either the patient or sustainability benefits taken independently would be worthwhile, when paired together we can ensure that the most valuable measures (from aesthetic, operational and budgetary perspectives) are applied to the project.  It is our belief that this approach can help realize a true salutogenic environment that utilizes resources and capacities to create health rather than simply focusing on risks, ill health, and disease.