• Client Hackensack Medical Center | Serena Group
    Location Hackensack, NJ

Wound Care & Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Unit


Hackensack University Medical Center was in need of a Wound Care and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Unit with aggressive wound healing protocols. Their current. Unit was on an occupied floor that would continue to be occupied throughout the demolition and construction of the project. The proposed area also was confined by permanent building exterior structure and an occupied space that could not be changed with limited area for entry and exit. This made egress requirement a challenging task. A well-organized and thought out plan needed to be in place so disturbance to the floor’s occupants was kept to a minimum.


Array determined the optimal locations for services to minimize disturbance of the third and fourth floor occupants and came up with a plan that met the code egress requirement as well as the user’s operational requirement.


The project team was able to design the three hyperbaric chambers suite that enhance both patient care and staff workflow. The floor plan will allow staff to achieve the full operational intent of the suite. When fully operational, the hyperbaric chambers will accommodate up to ten patients a day. Patient treatments are two hours in duration and are scheduled at 15 minute intervals to assure smooth and private patient flow.