• Client Veterans Affairs Medical Centers
    Location Throughout US
  • Client Veterans Affairs Medical Centers
    Location Throughout US

Women's Services

Women’s Veterans Affairs


The Veterans Administration is working diligently to bring parity to the Women’s Services they provide. In order to offer the highest level of care for which the VA is known, The VA has identified several sites which need more space, better quality space reflective of women’s care needs, better accessibility and a more intuitive flow.


Array has worked on Women’s Services projects in several US regions. These projects are adding much needed square footage, imaging capacity, clinical & psycho-social services and patient amenities to their Veterans Affairs Medical Center campuses. Discreet entrances and services found on the private healthcare side, such as independent check-in kiosks, have been planned for these projects.


Now having the appropriate space dedicated to Women’s Services, VA facilities are able to accommodate more patients daily. By improving access and addressing primary and gynecological care needs as well as psychocial support within the suite, patients are afforded the full complement of care.


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