• Client Stockley Medical Center
    Location Georgetown, DE

Long Term Care Skilled Nursing

Residential Replacement Hospital


With facilities over 45 years old and unable to accommodate state-of-the-art therapies, Delaware Health and Social Services asked Array to design a new facility for residential and day patient populations.


Before design, we undertook an intensive programming process with clinicians to understand the type of therapy and community spaces required to support their medically-compromised, developmentally-disabled population.  Our findings helped  develop a focused facilities plan that aided in site selection and created a safe environment.


The new 54-bed facility designed in a three-pod configuration to promote a sense of community for residents locatestherapy and recreational facilities along a connecting spine that encourages interaction, lends a residential feel, and helps calm patients.


Baker Ingram & Associates
EDiS Construction
RMF Engineering

Photo Credit:  Jeffrey Totaro