• Client Mount Sinai Health System
    Location New York, NY

Intensive Care

CardioVascular ICU, Guggenheim 5


As Mount Sinai works through upgrading their inpatient units at the East campus, Array has become familiar with many of the spaces. Intensive care spaces, mainly focused on cardiac patient care continues to be a focus of the priority renovations. The teams have completed work in both the Klingenstein and Guggenheim towers, renovating units on several floors sequentially to allow continuing patient care throughout the upgrades.


For the fifth floor Guggenheim Pavilion CardioVascular ICU, it was determined during planning that 14 private rooms was the optimal number of patient spaces and this was achievable due to gaining square footage from an adjacent vacated patient space.


An efficient, patient-forward patient care unit is now in place. Open, approachable nurse stations balance the need for a private team center so that both anxious visitors can check in with their loved one’s clinician as well as the care teams having a space to huddle away from care space when discussing patient treatment.