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You have put years into the career you’ve chosen – a career with unlimited possibilities. It is possible to work anywhere in the world for an unprecedented amount of industries, and niches within those industries, on amazing projects affecting the built environment.

Why not begin your future with a visionary firm who uses cutting-edge technology; a firm able to offer you a variety of project types in an industry where your work can make a difference, an industry that everyone needs? At Array, the worlds of architecture, interior design and healthcare design intersect; and joining our team can lead to those possibilities.

Your enthusiasm to learn the complexities and unique qualities of the healthcare industry, coupled with a strong work ethic and skills in the latest technologies, will make for an exciting career. With mentoring from architects and interior designers who have dedicated their careers to healthcare, your opportunities may quickly exceed what you anticipated.

You can reach your potential in one of several offices nationwide which interact with one another virtually and in person. You may find yourself working on projects across offices and meeting staff members who influence Array’s design and management approach.

Meet one of our interns, who is now a healthcare interior designer at Array, here.

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