• Client ArchCare
    Location New York, NY

Long Term Care Skilled Nursing

Terence Cardinal Cooke Health


With patients located across three buildings in a New York City block, the client identified renovation of the largest building and care consolidation as a priority to maintain the level of care for which they are known.


The stacking proposed by a previous consultant created a ground floor dedicated mostly to patient care with a public lobby which bifurcated the nursing unit. By working closely with facility users and leadership, Array studied several progam stacks, some of which included physical expansion of the building to accommodate relocated programs.


A new program stack was created that aligns with the desired model of care and the client’s quest for a hospitality feel to the facility. The final stack, which did not require any physical expansion, moves a nursing unit from ground floor and locates more public/community functions such as administration and chapel on the ground floor. Also now located on the ground floor is PT/OT to allow for a larger program and the potential future flexibility of outpatient access.

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