• Client Okyanos Heart Institute
    Location Freeport, Bahamas
  • Client Okyanos Heart Institute
    Location Freeport, Bahamas

Ambulatory Surgery Center

Specialty Surgery Center


With medical travel increasing in popularity, this facility is being expanded to accommodate the demand for medical procedures not typically found in the US and Europe, include utilizing stem cell technology by harvesting from the patient via liposuction, stem cell processing and administering to the damaged coronary system. Array’s surgical design expertise was called upon to renovate commercial office space to provide an Ambulatory Surgery Center to the standards of those traveling for medical purposes.


At Okyanos, the focus is on offering a highly personalized patient and family experience to facilitate maximum treatment, recovery and benefit. with lengthy procedures requiring patients spending at least a full day in the facility, amenities and finishes needed to address the desire to create a “home-like” feeling in the spaces, allowing for patient and family comfort during their stay.


Patients receive VIP service from the time they arrive to their departure post-procedure at this Association for Ambulatory Health Care accredited facility. The VIP/Concierge service is supported in the facility via private recovery rooms with well-appointed finishes supporting a healing environment. Being in an island environment, special attention was spent on the robust engineering systems with full emergency back-ups and fire pump/water storage accommodations.


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