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Emergency Department Observation


As a result of an incomplete master plan renovation, all walk-in patients are funneled through one semi-private triage station located directly inside of the ED’s front door.  Long wait times, safety concerns, and patient confusion and dissatisfaction all led administration to engage Array to review the current operations and configuration in concert.


Through value stream mapping, direct observation and data collection and a multi-disciplinary improvement team was able to understand the root causes of current operational break-downs and develop a simplified future state employing a pivot nurse to pre-sort patients reducing the number that require a full traditional triage.  Combined with minor space reconfigurations this new approach creates safe and distinct patient waiting areas to improve safety, satisfaction and reduce wait times.


At the conclusion of the workshop, the team had successfully mapped their ideal future state check-in and triage process for the ED. The new process featured a cross-trained clinical greeter who could initiate opening an encounter by reducing the information needed for a quick registration. This combined interview would allow the trained clinician to make an initial treatment designation, immediately routing fast-track patients and highly acute patients directly to those service locations.

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