• Client NYC Health + Hospitals Metropolitan
    Location New York, NY
  • Client NYC Health + Hospitals Metropolitan
    Location New York, NY


Infusion Suite


To provide a better patient experience, Metropolitan Hospital wanted to update their oncology and infusion services. The project required renovating the current infusion suite and unused rooms in one wing of the hospital. This new project will combine oncology exam rooms, an infusion suite, and a dedicated pharmacy with a clean room in one location. The existing hospital pharmacy does not include a dedicated infusion mixing hood. This was causing delays in providing the medication to the infusion suite. Since the existing mechanical systems were not efficient for the requirements of an oncology and infusion suite, a new mechanical room dedicated to the wing is planned for the space.


The existing wing of the hospital will be fully renovated to include 8 oncology exam rooms, 10 infusion chairs and a dedicated pharmacy. Each infusion chair has a semi private bay that is open on one side. A central nurse station can view into each bay. The pharmacy is dedicated to the infusion suite. The mixing of the chemotherapy drugs will take place daily in a clean room connected to the dedicated pharmacy. Combining the oncology exam rooms and infusion suite allows patients to have seamless interaction between their oncologist and their treatment.


The new oncology and infusion suite will set up a hub of expertise within the hospital thus providing patients with better medical care. The dedicated pharmacy will decrease wait times for infusion patients and give the pharmacist a focused environment for mixing the medications. The new space will greatly improve the patient’s comfort and wellbeing.


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