Nursing in a New Role: A Journey from Care Delivery to Transforming Healthcare

On Oriana Beaudet’s first day of nursing school in 2001, she arrived early – not to calm her nerves, but out of habit. She was sitting in a coffee shop, waiting for her first day to begin, when the barista preparing a drink in front of her froze.

“There was a television on behind the counter,” Beaudet explained. “The barista didn’t hand the drink she was preparing to the customer in front her. Instead, they both turned to watch the television. We were watching the World Trade Towers collapse.”

Reporting to her university that day, Beaudet and her group of brand new nursing colleagues had no idea what to expect. Dr. Teddie Potter, a nursing instructor, got up in front of the auditorium filled with aspiring healthcare professionals.

“She said: ‘Today is the reason why you became a nurse,’” Beaudet remembered.

Since that day, and after more than a decade working in the healthcare field, years earning a doctorate, and a shift from direct patient care to helping some of the most well-regarded health organizations transform the way they operate, Beaudet still identifies as a nurse.

“I wouldn’t say that I left nursing, I would just say that I am nursing in a new role,” she said. “because once you’re a nurse, you’re always a nurse. You’re constantly looking at the health of systems, people and cultures.”

Today, Beaudet serves as Array Advisors’ VP of Transformation Services, a role she assumed in May of 2017. She helps healthcare clients achieve a wide range of operational and business objectives, including integrating new technology and the expansion of strategic planning.

“We have a very diverse group that’s incredibly passionate about the healthcare space, and healthcare desperately needs people to be passionate about finding solutions,” Beaudet said.

Beaudet’s passion for improving patient care and experience was first ignited in nursing school, but it was magnified by many phenomenal mentors and her doctoral studies. Dr. Potter – the professor whose words of affirmation and consolation on Sept. 11th continue to reverberate in young minds today – would later become Beaudet’s adviser for her doctoral program. With her support and guidance, Beaudet completed a Doctorate of Nursing Practice, Health Innovation and Leadership, rounding out her direct experience in patient care and healthcare administration with expertise in building new care delivery models and the design of healthcare futures.

“I was able to literally criss-cross the country and travel internationally to study all of these emergent models around healthcare after the Affordable Care Act,” Beaudet explains. “I was able to apply my love of business and search for the most cutting-edge practice to apply that to my doctoral work, which addresses the question, ‘how do we engage healthcare professionals in a new way?’”

Beaudet’s doctoral work is centered on the application of innovation to shift the practices of healthcare providers, care delivery and organizational culture. Armed with a certification in Healthcare Design and Innovation – training that was embedded within her doctoral studies – Beaudet designed the Planting Seeds of Innovation event to ignite and inspire healthcare professionals who are working the closest with patients and to shift organizational cultures. There are critical challenges facing the medical industry. Beaudet’s work has shown that by empowering healthcare professionals, we can unlock solutions to those challenges.

“We need to recognize as an industry that we have really been riding the line between dormancy and incremental improvement,” Beaudet said. “With healthcare expected to be almost 22 percent of GDP by 2025, we need to be able to engage healthcare professionals, and we need them to think differently about healthcare.”

One of the first public unveilings of Beaudet’s doctoral work was her October 2018 presentation, Waking (Healthcare’s) Sleeping Giants, at the Mayo Clinic Transform Conference. After making it through a rigorous selection process, Beaudet was honored to share her research about using innovation to move beyond the healthcare of old – the care provided today is very similar to that of 100 years ago, she explains – to reach a better state of care delivery.

“I found an incredibly responsive and excited attendee group,” Beaudet said. “To have those ideas be well-received was just affirmation that this is a message that needs to continue to be shared and work that needs to continue to grow.”

Beyond her doctoral work and knowledge sharing, Beaudet’s work exploring the design and future of healthcare has also been bolstered by her foresight studies at the Institute for the Future. A certified foresight practitioner and member of the Association of Professional Futurists, she is trained in identifying signals, trends, and events to help healthcare clients understand directionally where things might be heading. This training has been useful not only in her academic work, but also in her work at Array. Beaudet has delivered custom solutions for technology planning, hospital expansion transformation, strategic master planning, clinical systems engineering and resource coaching at health organizations such as Inspira Health Network, Johns Hopkins Medicine, and Tower Health – to name a few. Through her work, she draws upon her diversity of experience – everything from emergency preparedness, to staffing and business modeling, to the redesign of care delivery and patient flow – in order to find the right solution.

Beaudet says her biggest accomplishments lie ahead, but she’s proud of the voice that she’s been able to add to the Array Advisors team.

“One of the best compliments that I’ve received was following a pitch we did for the Cleveland Clinic,” Beaudet explains. “The president for one of the hospitals came up to me, and she said, ‘I’m so glad to see women and nurses involved in these conversations. You did a phenomenal job. It was so nice to have a conversation, and not to be sold to.’”

These words carried significant weight not only because they reinforce the diverse possibilities that Beaudet has empowered on the Array Advisors team, but because Beaudet understands the challenges facing healthcare leaders.

“They’re trying to figure out how to manage healthcare amidst shrinking margins and with the rising costs of operations,” she said. “Leaders who are innovative and progressive need to have a foot in both worlds: they’re trying to maintain current structures and systems, and they’re trying to drive change through innovative care delivery models.”

Beaudet believes that the possibilities for the Advisors team are profound, and that the most rewarding transformation work still lies ahead.

“I believe that in my space and through organizational transformation, we can help streamline operations within current systems and begin designing the healthcare system we need for the future,” Beaudet said. “But because of the breadth and experience of our integrated team, we can also help them drive new ways of thinking, find creative business solutions, and build new care delivery models by driving innovative organizational cultures that are built around partnership.”

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