Challenge In an effort to provide a full spectrum of health services to the community, St. Charles Medical Center leadership determined the best course of action is a new Behavioral Health building on campus, adjacent to the main hospital. The Behavioral Health Institute envisions enhancing population health through the institution of standardized, evidence-based treatment modalities across […]

Published in Behavioral Healthcare, December 2013 For healthcare facility designers, flexibility has become a driving demand.

Salutogenesis is a term coined by Aaron Antonovsky, a professor of medical sociology and is derived from a mix of Greek and Latin that roughly translates to “health origins” and describes an approach focusing on factors that support human health 

Behavioral health disorders are among the most prevalent forms of disease in the nation. Evidence-based design has demonstrated that clustered housing units, access to natural light, and retaining staff are all positive influences against these disorders. At Array, we have taken great strides in pushing the envelope of designing for behavioral health facilities. We understand […]

Many of the changes to Chapter 2.5 for the design of Psychiatric Facilities are benign.

When conceptualizing the design or renovation of a behavioral healthcare facility, it’s important to institute features and materials that are conducive to privacy and personal dignity. 

Elmhurst Hospital, located in Queens, New York, serves a population of more than one million patients as a 545-bed, level-1 trauma center that sees more than 660,000 ambulatory visits annually. Situated on a landlocked campus, the hospital has developed incrementally over time to meet the needs of its community but has reached limitations, resulting in […]