Video Marketing for the Digital Age

The first video-sharing site,, founded in 1997, was ahead of its time. While it disbanded in 2001 due to bandwidth limitations and financial insecurity, it paved the way for sites like YouTube to “go viral”. When computer and videography technologies began to catch up to one another in the early 2000s, internet-based video began […]

Featured in a DropTask case study in December 2015. Since the firm’s transition to a culture that embraces knowledge sharing as a vehicle to provide enhanced value to our clients, Array Architects continuously seeks tools that help us manage our content creation process. We are advocates of transparency, including internal communications. DropTask is a visual […]

Concurrent with completing the largest Ambulatory Surgery Center on the East Coast, I had the opportunity to present our success with Building Information Modeling at the 16th Annual Lean Construction Institute Congress held in October 2014 in San Francisco. Co-presenting with Turner Construction, we set the pace for the conference, kicking off the presentations to […]

3D Design Challenge Series, Part II

After three weeks of adjustments to virtual models, 3D print testing, mentoring across offices, we now have our second round finalists’ prototypes! It has been rewarding to watch the growth of our staff and their fortitude in these three short weeks – they have wrestled with their designs, the printer output and final assembly.  Each […]

I am often asked my thoughts on where I see Array’s practice five years out, causing me to reflect on from where the firm has come. Our founders were once part of the design arm of one of the pioneers of for-profit health systems.

Friend or Foe?

Learning from and sharing knowledge with other industry professionals, even the competition, is what makes us all better at what we do.

As a healthcare interior designer I’ve always seen myself as an advocate.  I think we bring our best efforts forth to our clients when we can imagine every healthcare environment through the eyes of a patient, their families, and their caregivers.

Nurse Station Design