kc-blog_hero3 I recently read on the National Rural Health Association (NRHA) website that 66 rural hospitals have closed since 2010. The closure rate is increasing. It was six times higher in 2015 than in 2010. A study the NRHA commissioned revealed that 673 rural hospitals are “vulnerable or at risk for closure.” Of this group, a large number are Critical Access Hospitals (CAH). Continue Reading →
iceberg-graphic1 In a previous lifetime, I worked for a large architecture firm that provided rollout retail work. While I cannot say that I particularly enjoyed this type of work very much, I did learn a lesson that would shape my career. This firm had achieved tremendous growth in the time I was there; and in a discussion with the president, he explained the success. They acquired a firm that focused on lean operations and ergonomics. The expertise this firm brought to the design process allowed us to save our clients money on staffing and workers’ compensation costs. To paraphrase the president, “If you can affect a business’ operations, then you can significantly affect their profitability.” Continue Reading →